[Tweeters] Green Lake geese, dead duck, Cooper's hawk

Patti Loesche loes at uw.edu
Sun Dec 6 21:28:37 PST 2015

On Fri 12/4 and Sat 12/5, a greater white-fronted goose was feeding with the Canadas on the Green Lake golf course, obligingly close to the trail. Today (Sun 12/6), the golf course geese were too far for good viewing, although a few cacklers were easy to spot in the flock.

A few hundred yards further north, on the shore side of Green Lake Way, I followed a couple’s eyes about 20 feet up to a juvenile Cooper’s hawk, a female by its size, clasping a duck carcass, nothing left of it but keel and wings.

Patti Loesche

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