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Doug- Thanks and interesting
I have seen Green-winged Teal steal from Coots., letting them do the diving, but had not seen other species do this, or dive by themselves.

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Gadwalls are cord feeders (feed on stems and root of certain aquatic plants) along with widgeon. typically they allow the coots to do the foraging and kleptoparasite them for their food. Sometimes when coots aren't available they just have to go get their own grits. Fun to watch.


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While observing this lovely pair, I observed something that I had not seen before.
Rather than just "dabbling" and putting her head under water, the hen dived completely  out of sight underwater.
She would surface several feet away after two or three seconds underwater.

She repeated this behavior several times as I watched.
Always something new to see in birding.
Keith E. Carlson


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