[Tweeters] Possible Redhead at Lake Sammamish SP

Ken and Tina Grant kenandtina at comcast.net
Fri Dec 4 14:22:25 PST 2015

Hey Tweets,

Was out at Lake Sammamish State Park this morning and there was a good
collections of ducks at Sunset Beach.

Northern Shoveler, Ring-necked, Scaups, Ruddy Ducks, and others. But there
were 2 ducks, that looked like Redheads, I believe male and female, the male
had red head, yellow eye and blue bill and the rest of body was rather drab

Not the normal breeding color I would expect, it does not help that I have
only seen a Redhead duck a couple times.

Any ideas what might look like a Redhead in our area?


Ken Grant

North Bend

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