Food Habits of Fishers-(Martes pennanti)---Re: [Tweeters] Do Martins eat Marbled Murrelets?

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Rob and all,

The following is from the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology:

"Food Habits

Fishers (Martes pennanti)

are predators, and most of their prey are herbivores. Fishers eat mice , porcupines , squirrels , snowshoe hares , birds , and shrews , and sometimes, other carnivores . They may also feed on fruits and berries, such as beechnuts and apples.

They have also been seen to eat white-tailed deer , though they are most likely scavenging a deer carcass.

Fishers and American martens are the only medium-sized predators agile in trees that also possess the ability to elongate themselves to seek prey in holes in the ground, hollow trees and other small areas. Fishers are solitary hunters, and seek prey that is their own size or smaller, although they are capable of taking on prey larger than themselves.

* • Primary Diet carnivore eats terrestrial vertebrates

* Animal Foods birds mammals

* Plant Foods fruit"

Dan Reiff

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Right, fishers not Martins.

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Aren't they releasing Fishers, which are also arboreal and larger than Marten (Martin being a bird)

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There has been a couple releases of Martins in the Olympic National Park
(The mammal not the bird). Now they are releasing them in the Cascades. I
was wondering, it seems like a branch nesting bird like a Marbled murrelet
would be a fine snack for arboreal predator like a Martin. Anybody know
anything about this? Are we trading one endangered species for another?

Rob Sandelin
Watching Ravens
Snohomish County

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