[Tweeters] Shorebird Migration at Ocean Shores

Joy Kosola Johnson joyofwriting at whidbey.com
Wed Apr 29 23:22:53 PDT 2015

Hi Tweets,

For all of you shorebird fans, take a look at this 70 second video Craig created with fun clips from our recent trip to Ocean Shores to witness the spring migration (April 19-21) . Since Craig has been disabled, we do not travel much anymore, but were determined to see this magnificent spectacle once again - and with near 70 degree temps., it was a perfect couple of days to do it! Being allowed to drive on the beach really helps to access the birds there, even for those who are mobility challenged.

The real work began when we got home, as these short videos take a long time to produce... Craig worked hard on this, so I hope you will enjoy it!

Same video, two different places to view it -

On our website:

> http://www.pugetsoundbackyardbirds.com/Spring%20Migration%20at%20Ocean%20Shores.html

Or on Facebook, with instructions on how to best view it:

Good birding,

Joy & Craig Johnson
joyofwriting at whidbey.com
Freeland, WA

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