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Mike R. ramosmike79 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 29 16:30:55 PDT 2015

Hi Tweets,

Went out this morning to say hello to the returning warblers and heard a
Warbling Vireo, I glanced up, and three American White Pelicans glided by,
moving south. They all sported that fin on their upper mandibles they get
during the breeding season. After a brief meeting with Mr. Vireo I turned
down McKenzie Ave. toward Connolly Creek. Over the riparian strip was a
soaring Buteo which didn't quite add up for Red-tailed (shape, flight
style). It turned out to be a Broad-winged Hawk! Moving from SE to NW,
coming right overhead for splendid views. I haven't seen one in many years.
At Connolly Creek the only warblers I found were a few Wilson's. I've been
keeping an eye on a nesting pair of Hutton's Vireos, and they are being
very sneaky and quiet. Back at home there was a mini warbler "fallout" in a
tree out front - Audubon's and Orange-crowned. It's not the Gulf coast, but
it's still beautiful!

Happy Spring!

Mike R.
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