[Tweeters] Re: Merlin's in Renton - vocal pairs - W Seattle too!

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at gmail.com
Tue Apr 28 15:06:09 PDT 2015

Amy, and all,

Some weeks ago (I'll have to find my notes for when), I saw 2 Merlins at
Lincoln Park in West Seattle (I'm usually lucky to see one there), also
quite vocal, like I hadn't remembered observing Merlins before this. I
expected it was courtship, and I was optimistic we would have a nesting
nearby. I haven't seen them at Lincoln Park since then, but maybe 2 - 3
weeks ago, I did see a single Merlin flying from the south (over Forest
Lawn Cemetary) towards Camp Long, here in West Seattle, in what I estimated
to be more like nesting season, than the "winter wandering season". In 15
years of observation at Camp Long, I don't remember Merlins during nesting
season before this, but I'll need more or better observations to say a pair
is actually nesting in this area.

-Stewart Wechsler
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> Tweeters,


> I just had two Merlin's calling and flying together over my home in the

> East Renton Highlands. I've seen single birds before but never two

> together. They were being quite vocal.


> Cheers,

> Amy Powell

> Renton, WA

> schillingera at Hotmail.com


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