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after over a year we finally have good news. there is a peregrine scrape
with at least one egg. the female does not appear to be the one we have
watched for the past decade. she seems a bit smaller than the original,
her head is very, very dark black, almost as if the feathers vacuum light
into themselves and the yellow cere does not show when she is viewed head
on. her eggshells are not as dark brick red as they have been for the past
few years.

to look for yourself and see whether you agree, check her out. the scrape
is on the wall across the river, a bit downstream from the last several
sites. a good place to set up is on the hill between the bottom of the
stairs and peregrine point. there is a concrete walk to the left where
weddings are occasionally held and there is a do not climb sign on the
fence. the spot is downhill from the trunk of the only tree a few feet but
still under the canopy of that tree. looking across the river one sees two
conifer trees in front of the rock face. the left tree is a bit shorter
than the right had tree. look to the left of the left hand tree, almost to
the top of that tree and the face of the bird is evident against the rock
wall. it's actually pretty easy to see, even with binoculars. of course
to see much beyond, wow that's a bird over there, does require a fair
amount of glass.

to see video from scott dodson,use watch?v=tIBjnij60WM or search
posts by scottslookingabout.



dave templeton
fall city, wa


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