[Tweeters] Bird activity near Cle Elum, 4/25

Rachel Lawson rwlawson at q.com
Sun Apr 26 12:01:47 PDT 2015

Yesterday, Joseph Brown and I stopped on Hwy 10, along the Yakima River east
of Cle Elum, to see if there were Common Ravens at the traditional nest site
on the cliff near Milepost 94.3. We didn't see any ravens or signs of
activity at the nest, but there were three TURKEY VULTURES circling low
around the cliff. Several times, one or two of them landed in a big hole in
the cliff, as if they had found some dead animal in there, but we never saw
them try to eat anything. Then, the vultures were joined by a juvenile
GOLDEN EAGLE, who also seemed interested in the hole in the cliff. They all
flew around the hole for a while, and then a RED-TAILED HAWK arrived, and
seemed to drive off the Golden Eagle. We were tempted to climb up the hill
and see if we could see what was attracting the vultures, but it was a bit
too precipitous. The vultures were still there when we left.

The day was really windy, so we didn't see much else of note. There were 2
CLARK'S GREBE on the Grant County side of the Columbia River, viewed from
the overlook at Gingko Petrified Forest SP in Vantage.

Rachel Lawson


rwlawson at q.com

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