[Tweeters] Today was a good day for my Clark County Year List

Bob rflores_2 at msn.com
Sat Apr 25 18:29:57 PDT 2015

But considering the date it is expected except the western kingbird is a unexpected and good one to get.

I started out at Frenchman's Bar Reg. Park where I picked up two FOY birds a warbling vireo (#168) and western wood-pewee (#169) overall it was a bit slow but did have a few other mentions.

82 yellow-rumped warbler
1 lesser goldfinch
2 black-throated gray warbler
3 ruby-crowned kinglet
2 orange-crowned warbler
1 Lincoln's sparrow

I then checked Vancouver Lake it was dead. I drove Old River Rd and west of the farm house in the field were flocks of birds fliting around. In the field I had 120 American pipit, 160 Savannah sparrow, 4 white--crowned sparrow, 3 yellow-rumped warbler, a orange-crowned warbler, 250 Eurasian starling and a single American goldfinch. crazy.

I next went to the Steigerwald Lake NWR dike and picked up three FOY birds western kingbird (#170), chipping sparrow (#171) and Swainson's thrush (#172). Although I did not pick up a lot of any species there were many of them. Here are some worth mentioning.

56 yellow-rumped warbler
3 orange-crowned warbler
2 northern rough-winged swallow
16 least sandpiper - yes! hanging out with the cacklers in the field.
1 yellow warbler
38 wood duck
1 Lincoln's sparrow
1 ruby-crowned kinglet
1 warbling vireo
5 purple martin fighting over a couple of small bird houses.

Great day with more to come I hope as birds continue to show up.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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