[Tweeters] Bank Swallow, Boeing Ponds - Kent Valley

Gary Smith gsmith at smithandstark.com
Sat Apr 25 17:17:14 PDT 2015

Birding was quite pleasant at Boeing Ponds this morning, with nearly 30
species revealing themselves. I did not happen to see a Yellow-headed
Blackbird, though perhaps Grace and Ollie Oliver had better luck, as they
were giving the place a good going over as I was leaving. I did find five
species of swallows: Tree, Violet-green, Northern Rough-winged, Barn, and
Bank. Of the last I saw just one, but it had the grace to perch for a while
next to a Tree Swallow and I got nice looks through my scope at relatively
close range.

I thought I'd try for a six swallow-morning by stopping by T-107 park on the
Lower Duwamish, as Mark Ahlness had reported seeing several Purple Martins
there earlier in the week. Although Caspian Terns were abundant and there
were two Pigeon Guillemot in the river, there was no Martin activity in
sight of the nesting gourds. I caught a glimpse, I think, of a female
Martin flitting near shore and then out of sight. Paul and Barbara Webster
and friends of theirs were also looking, to no avail.

Good birding to you all.

Gary T. Smith

Alki Point, Seattle

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