[Tweeters] Gull with black head at Bowerman basin

John Foster jsflao at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 24 23:11:47 PDT 2015

I was out today through the afternoon, on a rising tide and spotted a gull with a black head.It was a bit smaller than the nearby ring-bill gulls; a dark mantle; distinct white eye-ring; dark bill; white on tail; wide white ends of primaries and secondaries in flight; and deep orange legs.
I would have called it a Bonaparte's gull except for the leg color, and it was too big for a Bonaparte's.My guess is a possible black-headed gull.

I saw it (with two other experienced birders) from the northernmost part of the loop boardwalk at Bowerman Basin.It was NW of the permanently mounted scope, out amongst the old pilings. 
Thank you for any insight into the species.John FosterPacific Beach

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