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Hey tweets, I led a class of birders from Lifetime Learning Center this morning, and the Fill really delivered. (Thank goodness! You don't want to be a teacher or trip leader on a birdless day. You'll find yourself trotting out old tried and true anecdotes that even you don't think are funny anymore - anything to fill the empty skies and soundless sea.)

The first great bird of the day was a Wilson's Snipe improbably parked on the gravel of E4 parking lot, south of the soccer field. I saw it as I drove by on the way to the kiosk and immediately downshifted my old car so I could buzz off to show all my students. I believe I might have detonated a mini sonic boom. When I shot into the CUH parking lot, several students were already waiting for me. They couldn't seem to understand my wild gesticulations to get in the car, get in the car. Finally a few piled into my car and one other car and we zoomed off. The snipe was still parked, so we got unparalleled looks before it finally flew away.

Other great birds of the day: a lone BARROW'S GOLDENEYE on the lake (very rare for the Fill); a Peregraine overhead; a Sharp-shinned Hawk pesterd by hordes of crows; the Cinnamon Teal pair still on Shoveler's Pond; 60 or more (!) Ring-necked Ducks rafting on Main Pond; a few American Wigeons left behind when all the others left for parts unknown; American Pipits in the mud on the south end of Shoveler's Pond; and four baby Song Sparrows in a nest on SW Pond.

Most of my students are beginners, so they were thrilled to see the differences between a female and a male Red-winged Blackbird. It is good to be reminded how wondrous the common birds are - taking beginners around lets me see the world through their new eyes, and all is made new again for me too.

Here is a poem for you today:

Everyone loves you,
o elusive Snipe,
though you're never the life of the party.
More a main entree
or hot canape.
Is that why you're so shy?

- Connie, Seattle

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