[Tweeters] Heron hatchlings

Boise Creek Farm boisecreekfarm at comcast.net
Sun Apr 19 13:08:25 PDT 2015

Saturday Gina and I left Enumclaw to check on the Heron rookery on soos creek trail in Kent. We made one stop in Enumclaw at Newaukum creek on 424th west of 244th. I believe it is called the Big Spring Creek project. First seen there were several greater Yellowlegs and then the Wilson's snipes were flying around us from several directions making that incredible sound. I wanted to get photos but was intrigued by a bird song in the tall grass near the road. Turned out to be a marsh wren with a non stop song that had so many variations to it I was enthralled. I did get photos of all there and then off to Kent. I thought by now the Herons would have hatchlings but didn't think they would be so easy to see. From the trail using a 600 mm lens with a 2x I focused on four hatchlings and what a show. The trees are leafing out so we cant see most of the nests but the few you can see most have young. We counted 25+ birds before the growth blocked our view. Amazing so many people jog by and never notice the many nests there. after arriving home we walked over to middle Boise creek natural area and saw the greater yellowlegs there as well as the killdeer nesting on the gravel bed in the creek. I cant wait till the killdeer hatch as last year i first saw killdeer hatchlings and have been on the edge of my seat ever since to see them again.
Happy Spring to all of you

Bob and Gina Ames
Boise Creek Farm
Enumclaw WA

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