[Tweeters] RBA: Portland, OR 4-16-15

Harry Nehls hnehls6 at comcast.net
Wed Apr 15 23:45:19 PDT 2015

* Oregon
* Portland
* April 16, 2015
* ORPO1504.16

- birds mentioned

Gr. White-fronted Goose
Cackling Goose
Canada Goose
Greater Scaup
Common Loon
Great Egret
Black-bellied Plover
Baird¹s Sandpiper
Western Kingbird
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher
Yellow-rumped Warbler
Bullock¹s Oriole
Pine Grosbeak

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hotline: Portland Oregon Audubon RBA (weeky)
number: 503-292-6855
To report: Harry Nehls 503-233-3976 <hnehls6 at comcast.net>
compiler: Harry Nehls
coverage: entire state

Hello, this is the Audubon Society of Portland Rare Bird Report. This report
was made Thursday April 16. If you anything to add call Harry Nehls at

The Bend HOODED ORIOLE continues to be seen. On April 14 a PACIFIC
GOLDEN-PLOVER was seen near Sutton Creek south of Florence. The PINE
GROSBEAKS continue at Santiam Pass.

A major migratory movement entered the state during the week bringing high
numbers of YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS along with several other warbler species.
Early flycatchers were also reported. WESTERN KINGBIRDS and BULLOCK¹S
ORIOLES are now in the Rogue Valley with one BULLOCK¹S ORIOLE in Salem April

CANADA, CACKLING and WHITE-FRONTED GEESE are now on the move along with
migrant shorebirds. On April 14 a flock of 18 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS were at
the Fernhill Wetlands in Forest Grove.

On April 12 a BAIRD¹S SANDPIPER was at Houston Lake near Powell Butte. A
GNATCATCHER was seen April 13 at Pilot Butte Park in Bend. Among the many
birds at Wickiup Reservoir April 12 were 110 COMMON LOONS and 85 GREATER

That¹s it for this week.

- end transcript

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