[Tweeters] Vancouver Lake

vrhoden vrhoden at comcast.net
Wed Apr 15 13:45:51 PDT 2015

I walked the trail that leads north from the developed area and didn't see
too much variety. There were many more however that I was not knowledgeable
enough to identify by sound.

This area is real close to Frenchman's Bar and I too saw tons of Yellow
Rumps. It got to the point where I assumed anything that moved was a
butter-butt until proven otherwise.

I saw 5 Brown Creepers along the way, including a nesting bird that was busy
bringing material back to the nest. I was disappearing through a narrow
crack in the bark.

Other than that I saw Anna's hummers, crows, robins, wood ducks, shovelers,
pintails, buffleheads, and Green Winged Teals. A couple of weeks earlier we
saw a Red Breasted Sapsucker in the overflow parking area but he was not be
found this time.

V Rhoden


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