[Tweeters] speeding tickets also helping the economy in Central WA...

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although i no longer live in the area, i am a rather fast driver myself,
but i was always careful to travel in company of faster-moving cars --
until one day in central washington state when i was barely missed by a
speed trap where there were several state patrol cars awaiting their latest
victims -- one more patrol car and i would have been caught, too. that made
me re-think my "speeding is okay if just one person is going faster than
me" strategy, although i still drove fast when heading from seattle up to

that was years ago, though. perhaps funding cuts have made such activities

On Wed, Apr 15, 2015 at 6:08 AM, Rex S. Takasugi <rextak at msn.com> wrote:

> Hi, Barb!


> Thanks for the warning! I also discovered that one is not allowed

> to stop on the side of the freeway to look at birds. A few years ago I

> stopped by the Ellensburg ponds to show Joyce the Great Blue Heron rookery

> that I see every time I drive by there on my way to some fly fishing spot

> further east, and as we were looking at the herons through the binoculars

> while sitting in the car, a state patrolman pulled up behind me and asked

> me

> if there was a problem. I told him that we were just looking at the

> herons.

> He said that it is illegal to stop on the freeway shoulder, so I moved on

> and fortunately did not get a ticket. As we drove off Joyce commented that

> "he's obviously not a birder!" :-)


> Good birding!


> Rex Takasugi

> Kent, WA


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> I have had a couple of speeding tickets and pullovers on roads in or near

> Easton and on Umptanum Rd. One of them was due to a solitary,

> newly-lowered

> speed limit sign I missed - it's a 25 mph limit, wedged between a couple of

> 35 mph signs, ironically, right in front of the Sheriff's office just a few

> buildings west of the Roadhouse Grill at the start of Umptanum Rd. As you

> are coming down off the road from the ridge, the downhill grade makes it

> easy to exceed the speed limit going downhill and curves add to the

> possibility of not seeing a limit-change sign.


> I pleaded ignorance when the officer pulled me over, noting that the last

> time I'd been in the area, the limit on that entire stretch was 35 mph, but

> I got a ticket anyway, albeit a minorly-reduced one. Later, I called the

> office to contest/complain, citing that there was only one sign with the

> new

> speed limit and that it was placed behind a post at the end of a little

> metal bridge. No more reduction was given.


> Seemed obvious to me that this was another of the many 'set-up' speed

> traps,

> merely designed to add to the town's coffers.


> Last night, a birder friend D related a situation he'd just experienced

> outside of Roslyn, on a curve/downhill grade leading to an entrance to

> westbound I-90. But his situation was more negative - at least the officer

> was more unpleasant - D tried to talk with the officer and asked some

> questions in a decent tone (or so he claimed), but the officer didn't

> respond in kind. There was something very telling in what the officer

> answered to D's query "Do you ticket many birders?" The man with the badge

> said, without hesitation that yes, he (and maybe others, too), DO get

> (trap?) a lot of birders. Hmmmm !


> So, if you do NOT wish to have birds and your birding enhance the economies

> of these towns and cities in this manner, preferring instead to support the

> communities by stopping for food, coffee, gas, lodging, souvenirs and other

> reasonable ways of contributing to these places, it might behoove you to be

> more careful as you race around on their roads chasing the birdies. I

> certainly have taken to being more cognizant of speed limits and my

> Barbmobile's tendency to fly down roads without so much as any pressure on

> the accelerator, placing my foot instead on that other pedal (the one that

> causes a slowing) :-)


> By the way, many an evening in Ellensburg, at around 8 or 8:30 through 10

> p.m. closing, you will see one or more of the local police vehicles (white

> Ford compact SUV-type car models) parked in front of the local Starbucks -

> last Thur. there were 6 - all of the officers were inside drinking liquid

> refreshment and engaged in casual conversation. Do with this information

> what you will, though I'm sure there are still a few traffic cops out on

> the

> roads, but maybe fewer than at other times ??? :-)


> Any of the rest of you have a birding-related traffic incident (in Central

> WA or elsewhere), a humorous recounting or words of advice to share with

> us?


> Gidde-up...no, down !



> Barb Deihl

> Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle

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