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> Besides the interesting text about a study, this includes a neat little video showing a mound of seeds in someone's backyard, and the amazing diversity and quantity of birds it attracts...


> Sent to me by a friend:

>> Common birds bring economic vitality to cities, new study finds

>> https://www.washington.edu/news/2015/04/07/common-birds-bring-economic-vitality-to-cities-new-study-finds/


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> This prompted one local comic to send the following comment:


> "Jail birds have helped the Monroe economy" !!!

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> And, while we're off serious birding topics and I'm back off on the white flower one, thanks to all of you who sent your opinions re: the name of the Cle Elum shrubs with white blossoms - confirmation is, to quote Carlo, one respondent who also sent nice close-ups of the plant's blooms and blue berries and a photo of a chunk of Saskatoony hardwood:

> "as Jeff [Gibson] might say - "Yep Barb, you got plenty of them Saskytoons in your photos”. And besides expressing that the plant is one of his favorites, Carlo also included this info: BTW, the wood is one of the hardest of all our natives, and the fruit was a constituent of the pemmican that fuelled the fur traders who opened up the northern parts of North America.

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> And, lastly, an update on my quest to get the real 'poop' on the ID of the scat in the road... - no bites on that one, so I've just pulled out a little field guide on Scats and Tracks of the Pacific Coast including British Columbia, by James C. Halfpenny, PhD, and will see what I can deduce about the stuff in my photo. Or I will look for the sample and collect it, next time I go back that way - of course it will likely either look like part of the pavement or will have disappeared. So, if I find it, should I double-bag it ? :-)



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