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Sun Apr 12 03:51:47 PDT 2015

I'm now betting that the beautiful white-flowered shrubs that I photographed Thur. in the arid landscape of Central Wash., could be serviceberry (Saskatoon) as well - I kept thinking "Mock Orange", but I smelled no delicious fragrance and it is entirely too early for it to be blooming yet over there - I think it's been May or June when I've noticed both the flowers and the scent over there. I didn't get close enough to the shrubs (along SR10) to see if the flowers did have any sort of pleasant fragrance, as one of my non-CP Lyons books indicated they can, but the look of the plant had sort of that Amelanchier look to it.
I now pass it back to you floral fans for your thoughts...
My post was the "Clellensburg" one, and the possible Saskatoon plants were in the Part 1 album... here's the link again:

> Pt. 1 - Closer to Cle : https://flic.kr/s/aHska2rEmb

Thanks to those of you who confirmed the House Finch ID - any of you scatologists know "whose scat was that?", also in the Part ! album? It's from a meat-eater (has white fur in it)...

Much appreciate you naturalists chiming in on these topics as well as the tweety (birdy) ones - we know they are all related... !

Barb Deihl
Matthews Beach Neighborhood - NE Seattle
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