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Joshua Glant josh.n.glant at gmail.com
Sat Apr 11 17:51:55 PDT 2015

Good afternoon,

Today I took a nice walk along the Spokane River, starting in Riverfront Park. Walking along the riverside path, near the SW corner of the Gonzaga campus, I spotted two swifts over the next rise. It was only a three-second flash, but I saw the birds' thin, crescent-shaped wings flapping rapidly as they circled back and out of sight.

I sprinted ahead to try and find them again, startling three marmots along the river. I stopped to take a look at the marmots (my first sighting ever!) and the swifts were long gone when I started up again a minute later.

Question is, can I call them White-throateds with certainty? I did see your report of them on the campus from Thursday. I only was able to tell that they were swifts, but not identify them to species!

That makes me two for two of brief White-throated Swift sightings, both of them in pairs! My first encounter came only this past Monday, looking through the sunroof from the passenger seat as we left Frenchman Coulee.

Thanks, Joshua Glant

Mercer Island, WA

Josh.n.glant at gmail.com

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