[Tweeters] Savannah Sparrows under attack again!

Helen Gilbert helen.gilbert at juno.com
Thu Apr 9 17:55:15 PDT 2015

Birding Alert! Seattle Parks Dept is mowing over nests of
Savannah Sparrows - despite entreaties to wait until after
nesting season.

Please let these folks know your concern:

Patti Petesch is the manager of Discovery Park. Her email address is patti.petesch at seattle.gov.

Seattle City Council members with Parks oversight email addresses are:
sally.bagshaw at seattle.gov,
Tim.Burgess at seattle.gov
Sally.Clark at seattle.gov
jean.godden at seattle.gov ,
bruce.harrell at seattle.gov
Nick.Licata at seattle.gov
mike.obrien at seattle.gov
tom.rasmussen at seattle.gov
kshama.sawant at seattle.gov

Send a message to the mayor (we hear he’s a birder!) on the comment form at:

Thank you ,
Henry Noble & Helen Gilbert

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