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Thanks Josh for the pointer -- that's the place to look for accepted WBRC records -- If you are looking for a bit more info on the records listed on the spreadsheet at that link, all previous WBRC formal reports are online at the wos website as well at http://wos.org/wbrcreports.html

Regarding Black-throated Blue Warblers -- 11 previous records have been accepted in the state, 6 on the west side and 5 on the east side. Most of the records come from late fall migration or winter:
1 in late September
3 arrived in October
4 were first found in November
1 in December [the recent record also was first seen in December]
The two outliers:
1 record was found in Olympia in March [maybe a bird that overwintered nearby but was not found until then?]
1 in 2012 in June - presumably our only record of a northbound migrant.

9 of the 11 earlier records have been of males, perhaps a sign of their relative ease of identification.

4 of the records prior to the recent one were seen for more than one or two days, and the most recent of those was in 2007 in Walla Walla County -- as Josh said, it has been a while since we've had a cooperative Black-throated Blue in the state like this current one.

Matt Bartels
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On Apr 9, 2015, at 11:27 AM, Josh Adams wrote:

> Hello Darwin,

> The Washington Bird Records Committee keeps a list of "accepted" reports on their section of the WOS site:


> http://wos.org/wbrcsummaries.html


> According to their list this will be the 12th record for the state, pending acceptance (which seems almost certain). My general impression is that rare warblers don't typically stick around very often, so a chasable rarity such as this one is/was a big treat.


> Josh Adams

> Lynnwood, WA



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