[Tweeters] Monroe Glaucous

Mitch biglou22 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 8 11:34:38 PDT 2015

Hello, after failing on Sunday to locate the Glaucous Gull in Monroe I
tried again yesterday and was finally able to find it in a field south of
203rd st off of Crescent Lake Rd (which is SE of where it's been seen
lately). It was not visible at first, or not around, but after returning 15
minutes later I looked again and it's quite obvious when you see it. It's
the only flock of seagulls I saw in the area which helps in a way.

I also saw the two Acorn Woodpeckers in Lakewood in Sunday. Not sure if
people are still interested or not.

Happy birding
Mitchell Von Rotz
Biglou22 at gmail.com
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