[Tweeters] Raven vs. Crows

Christina Wilsdon cwilsdon at gmail.com
Sun Apr 5 21:43:07 PDT 2015

Just wanted to share a wonderful slice of life from my walk this morning in
Cottage Lake. I could have sworn I heard a raven croaking amid all the
crows--and I know I have heard one occasionally in the area--but kept
dismissing it as just another crow until finally I thought, no, that's
undeniably a raven. And then it appeared overhead, trying to avoid the
crows mobbing it!

In juxtaposition like that, the differences between crows and ravens were
really obvious, especially in size. And several times the raven rotated
sideways so his feet were in the air to ward off crows, something I've
never seen the hawks and eagles do--very cool.

(Meanwhile, there were many bear sightings in the neighborhood today. Well,
many sightings, one bear...he gets around!)

Christina Wilsdon
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