[Tweeters] Tricolored Blackbird

William Brynteson billb0986 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 07:18:53 PDT 2015

Good Morning all

Now that April 1 has come and gone I wanted to share a sighting tidbit that
has come to my attention. A good friend of mine (casual birder Jon
Sneddon) was down in the south Puget Sound area (near Hartsteen Island)
visiting his daughter and sent me a text about a black bird with a white
stripe on its shoulder. I had just gotten up and upon seeing the text,
responded with "Pigeon Guillemot" in breeding plumage.

He responded no, that he thought it was a "tri-tip" blackbird! I said you
mean a Tricolored Blackbird, and they are not found here. He said okay,
but I cannot find anything that looks like it, so I only had my iPhone and
I took a very fuzzy picture of it, I will send it to you.

Well he did and you can just make out that it is a bird, that is the size
and shape of a blackbird and yes it has the appropriate looking shoulder
patch that is all white. I have the picture at work and my system will not
allow me to post it, so I will do so later today.

When I checked eBird it does not show the TCBB being seen in the Puget
Sound area at all, so I am working to find out if this bird is a regular at
the location it was seen, and then get over to see if I can find it and
hopefully get a better photo.

Isn't birding fun! [?]
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