[Tweeters] Black Throated Blue Warbler - This Afternoon

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Wed Apr 1 16:06:25 PDT 2015

In the company of a number of others I had
wonderful looks at the Black Throated Blue Warbler
in Bothell. It had not been seen for over an hour
when I arrived at about 11:40. Approximately 45
minutes later it flew in to a barely visible spot
in the Alder behind the shed. Then it returned
and came in VERY close about 20 minutes after
that. It was so close that it was hard to even
focus on the bird. Hard but not impossible :)
Photo is at

And I iterate Doug's cautionary words about caring
for the owner's property. I spoke to him on the
way out and suggested we should make contributions
for stepping stones for the grass as it is getting
dug up. As gracious as always, he said it was no
worry and the grass will grow back. Great bird -
great folks.

Blair Bernson

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