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William Brynteson billb0986 at
Wed Apr 1 07:27:32 PDT 2015

I personally find this news very disturbing, and I question why this was
even something that should have happened. eCommerce is becoming so
pervasive that it has moved me to remove myself from more and more internet

I enjoy eBird and spend a lot of time studying all that it has to offer,
now I will be sensitive to even using it going forward. This is citizen
science, not a data generator to be utilized to make money and that is the
only reason that a "Google" would want to buy it! Will it follow that we
will have to purchase a subscription to eBird, endure flashing ads trying
to sell us everything that a "birder" would possible be convinced they
need. Google will now have our names, and email addresses so here comes
the email bombs!

A very sad day IMO


On Wed, Apr 1, 2015 at 4:04 AM, Matt Bartels <mattxyz at> wrote:

> Surprised and a little apprehensive about the news that Google acquired

> eBird today.


> On the one hand, I bet we’ll see all sorts of cool new improvements – the

> user experience side of eBird is about to get a big boost. (GoogleAnalytics

> aside, if google can turn its maps into Pac Man

> <> games,

> think what they can do with bird lists!).


> But on the other hand…. Google being able to essentially track exactly

> where every eBirder is travelling [in *real* time for bird-log users] and

> who they are travelling with is a bit creepy. And Google has purchased and

> ‘retired’ so many companies in the past that there’s an online graveyard

> for them [] – what will happen if birders

> suddenly lose all their data on eBird??


> From the news report on TechCrunch:

> *“Mixed Reaction from Birders on news of Google Acquisition of eBird”

> [link <>]*

> *It looks like Cornell Labs is the latest company to earn a paycheck from

> Google – word leaked via various bird enthusiast email lists today that

> Google has acquired eBird – a hugely popular product largely unknown,

> outside the world of obsessive bird watchers. “eBird”, an online database

> of bird observation powered by the data input of over 100,000 users has

> grown rapidly in the past five years – enough to draw the interest (and

> investment) of Google. Google’s interest is presumably less the birds and

> citizen science than the data provided on the movements of so many affluent

> users. A note on eBird's main page gushed about the 'synergies' of the

> buy-out, the 'potential to better predict and serve the needs of its

> customers, not just the birds' and the belief that integration with future

> editions of GoogleGlass may revolutionize the way birds are observed and

> reported. Google confirmed the acquisition but nothing more. “I can confirm

> the news and that they’re joining the Google+ team. We aren’t sharing more

> beyond that at this point,” a spokesperson wrote in an email.*


> We'll see how this plays out , I guess, as the eCommerce side of Big Data

> comes to our neighborhood....


> Matt Bartels

> Seattle, WA


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