[Tweeters] Simple Camera Question

Jeff Gibson gibsondesign at msn.com
Mon Sep 29 12:09:13 PDT 2014

I've had such good luck with the occasional query to tweeters I thought I'd try it again.
Oh sure, I know I've been a wee bit snarky, in some of my posts, about digital technology at times, but I do have a simple camera question that maybe one of you nature photographers out there may have a simple answer for.
You see, I used to do a lot of nature photography - back when cameras had film - and I really haven't made much of a transition to digital yet. Using my simple manual Nikon FM, I got real professional -like results. What I usually did was use my camera for landscapes, close-ups of nature , etc. I put my little camera on a tripod and went for max depth of field.
And that's all I wanna do now. No bird photos for me - unless they're dead, or dumb as a Ptarmigan, and thus allowing easy artistic close-ups. For some reason bird photography - the process - has always left me cold. But that's OK because many of you tweeters already do a good job of it. I'll just look at your photos.
Anyway, I'm wondering if there are now simple, and I mean simple, digital cameras that allow easy manual operation just like my ol' Nikon. An SLR that I can use like I used to - without having to have some sort of digital argument with the damn thing, go thru 5 overrides, or whatever, just to get a simple in-depth photo. Is that too much to ask?
As a family camera we have a point and shoot Canon Powershot SD850 IS which is capable of some pretty good photos - I've taken some remarkably good insect photo's with the thing - but it doesn't have any depth of field control really. As near as I can tell.
Anyway, if anybody out there has a simple digital SLR out there to recommend, I'd love to hear about it!
Jeff Gibsondigitally challenged person

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