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Was up to retrace the steps of Gary, Kraig and Robert Kuntz today in central Skagit County. Amazing what one day can do at this time of year--things were very different at each of the sites Gary mentioned. At the Marblemount boat launch, the only bird I had for a highlight common with their report was a MACGILLIVRAY'S WARBLER, my latest ever for Skagit County. No sign of the notable sparrows. At Howard Miller there was not a single YR Warbler, and Corkindale was virtually birdless. But as the fog lifted, there were highlights further south...

At Bryson, of 31 species, the most exciting were three WESTERN BLUEBIRDS that flew right over me as if coming from the high country west down to the river. They flew over the river eastward to points unknown. Then, after hearing a N. PYGMY-OWL at close range, my imitations finally brought the bird into view--and a second bird answered on the same side of the river but further south. The first owl allowed for terrific views at this time, too bad the camera battery had expired. I also had great looks at a Purpureus (Eastern) type PURPLE FINCH, a female, near the parking spot, as I left.

At Sauk Prairie, on the Skagit County side, the birding was also productive. From 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon, there seemed to be a lot of sparrows around--7 species in fact, including a first-winter CHIPPING in a nice sparrow group at the base of Inman Rd., and a FOS SWAMP SPARROW along the main road north. At the "T" at the end of the Sauk Rd, the sparrows were numerous and among others was another FOS, a male DE (SLATE-COLORED) JUNCO (of the "Cassiar" type).

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