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AnnMarie Wood amw.5737 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 11:37:23 PDT 2014

Heartfelt congratulations, Tom!
Happy to hear that you reached your amazing goal in the same way you
conducted your 6 year quest, with friends and in style!

Ann Marie Wood
At SFO waiting for my flight home

On Sunday, September 28, 2014, Tom Mansfield <birds at t-mansfield.com> wrote:

> Hey Tweets and Inlanders – Yesterday (9/27/14) was a very special day for

> me in that my quest to be the first person to see 200 species of birds in

> every one of Washington’s 39 counties reached its successful conclusion on

> White’s Island in the Columbia, upriver from Cathlamet in Wahkiakum

> County. Horned Lark, of the rare streaked subspecies, was the bird capping

> my 6-year mission that covered over 180,000 miles of driving, hundreds of

> hours of research/planning, and the pleasure of emailing, meeting and

> birding with many of you all over Washington. And while not proud of my

> carbon footprint, I can say with certainty I made a six-figure contribution

> to the state’s economy – much of it in small, out of the way places.




> Your posts to Tweeters, Inland Northwest, BirdYak, BirdKitt, WhatcomBirds,

> LCBirds, Admiralty Audubon, San Juan Audubon Facebook, and eBird have all

> contributed so significantly to the success of this personal mission. And

> while I wished that I could have chartered a larger boat yesterday so that

> more could have been along for the final push (space was so limited the

> leader, Wahkiakum expert/naturalist Andrew Emlen, came by kayak – his

> preferred mode anyway), I was honored to be joined by Andy and Ellen

> Stepniewski (luckily for me, the first birders I ever met when I started

> birding in 2006), Mike and MerryLynn Denny (incredibly skilled and

> knowledgeable about birds and our natural surroundings ), and MaryFrances

> Mathis and Matt Bartels (my first “regular” birding buddies who got me

> started at Marymoor, helped me get a list going, made countless

> trips/chases with me, taught me so much). My true mentor and the Godfather

> of Washington County Listing, Ken Knittle, was unable to make the assault

> on White’s, a dredge spoils island with no dock or improvements, but he was

> waiting for us when we landed back at the Cathlamet Marina and after a

> celebratory picnic, joined us birding the remainder of the beautiful day in

> Wahkiakum.




> To all who so willing shared their tips, experience, and knowledge – many,

> many thanks. *The Washington County Listing gauntlet has been thrown

> down!* There are some outstanding young birders (and many not so young)

> who can take the threshold higher than 200 in every county. I hope you do

> – because we will all learn more about the birds of Washington from your

> efforts along the way. Just beware: The listing bug’s bite can change

> your life forever!




> Tom Mansfield headed home to Seattle – but still county listing on the way…






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