[Tweeters] Common Loons on Case Inlet

Patty Kennedy pcflyer at comcast.net
Sat Sep 27 15:27:36 PDT 2014

Last weekend on the Vaughn Bay sand-spit overlooking Case Inlet (lower Puget Sound) we had the pleasure of a close observation of four COMMON LOONS going about their business of finding dinner. Three juveniles and one non-breeding adult dabbled, dove and vocalized directly in front of us, as close as 20 feet from shore, then continued past our observation point following the line of the sand-spit. They remained in the area and one abbreviated “call-of-the north” hoot attracted another loon from across the inlet, 1/2 mile or more away. We watched until dark, counting heads and eventually seeing a total of six loons interacting, sometimes as three pairs, sometimes in other configuration. Hoping they overwinter here.
Vaughn Bay, WA

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