[Tweeters] Strategic Trees Military Intel in the 1800's Richard Swanston Delta BC

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Fri Sep 26 14:44:59 PDT 2014

Strategic Trees Many so called Natural Areas that we now [ some of us anyway ] cherish were preserved as a Acts of Military Intelligence . Stanley Park , Point Roberts Washington I believe are two of many areas that the Military [ British Admiralty / U.S. Navy ] Had set aside to preserve Trees For Masts to be used on Warships in the Days of sail . Right up to Just before the First World War Ships were produced with Steam Engines and Tall Masts, Just In Case ! Cause of the Distrust of the Wise Old Mariners of those clatter trap things they called Engines .
As such strategially placed supplies of Tall straight trees were set aside under Military Protection as a Strategic/ Millitary assets. I believe and I stand corrected that they have now set aside a or some Oil Fields as strategic supplies one might be in California ??? And Metals are also hoarded somewhere ?
Sometimes Bureaucracy can be allied with Nature . It takes such a long time to get the Wheels rolling . To decommission Military / Government Properties as such they provide valuable Habitats for Wild Critters . And every once and a while the Real Battle is won . Some of those HORRIBLE Tree Huggers and Bird people get in there and Grab the Properties for the Damned Birds and critters to live in . Much to the dismay of the Developers whom seek to IMPROVE the Properties that they can get cheaply from the Government .
Studies are now showing for are very health and well being we need Nature we need to smell trees and see a Broken scattered viewscape . Rather then straight lines and concrete walls . Trees provide that fragmented surfaces that keeps us calm and healthy Strategically speaking, of course
Richard Swanston Delta BC

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