[Tweeters] Re: Mt. Rainier - Sunrise

Phil Pickering philliplc at charter.net
Sun Sep 21 13:24:31 PDT 2014

I was also in the Sunrise area Sept. 19-20, dayhiking
to Panhandle Gap and above on the 19th, and Third
Burroughs Mt. on the 20th.

Raptors noted combined for the 2 days -

1 Northern Harrier
1 Sharp-shinned
2 Cooper's
10+ Red-tailed
1 Rough-legged
1 Golden Eagle
1 Kestrel
1 Prairie Falcon

Other than Pipits passerines weren't numerous on the
way up to Panhandle Gap on the 19th.

On the 20th about 8-9 AM I hit a nice stream of migrant
passerines moving above timberline up and over the
shaded north slope of First Burroughs - hundreds of
Yellow-rumps along with smaller numbers of Horned
Larks, Golden-crowned Sparrows and other expected

Also fun was a pure flock of about 12 Solitaires flying
past at eye level over the summit of Third Burroughs
at about 7800 ft.

Phil Pickering
Lincoln City, Oregon
philliplc at charter.net

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