[Tweeters] Mt. Rainier - Sunrise

Marcus Roening Marcus.D.Roening at gsk.com
Sat Sep 20 21:03:54 PDT 2014

Hi Tweets,

A drop dead gorgeous day on the mountain today. Heather and I arrived a little after 9am and the meadows on the approach road was a playground of raptors.

We had 4 Red-tailed Hawks all chasing each other, then 2 Merlin's joined in the fray and then 8 Common Ravens (I know, not raptors...) doing loops and barrel rolls around the whole group. It felt like an Air Show.

So we switched our plans and hiked east on Sourdough Ridge to Dege Peak. A nice hike with almost no one else on the trail.

The nice surprise from Dege Peak was an Immature Golden Eagle that we identified from above on the ridge, first perched in profile and later flying away from us. We never actually even saw the underside of the wings - a rather unique experience.

Only perching birds in numbers were the Pipits and one small flock of Evening Grosbeaks, which we've only seen up there a couple of times before.

Good Birding,

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