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Sat Sep 20 17:03:46 PDT 2014

Sorry Tweeters - sent this too soon in error...

>> Just now (now was at 4pm) as I was holding the ladder for hubby we saw a what I think was a Red Tail hawk. A nice soar overhead with light filtering through the fan-shaped tail.

This reminded me of our stop at Willipa NWR on the way home from Long Beach - two Red-Tails soaring overhead. It was interesting to watch how they used their tails to maneuver and could hear them conversing.

Actually, before we got to that point, not far out of Long Beach, we saw a pair of Wild Turkeys (my husbands favorite hooch btw). Pulled over and started to get closer to take a photo and they walked right up to me. Do people know of a pet wild turkey farm? A lovely feather was left for me along side the road.

Back in Wedgwood for a few days - today I saw a female robin and a juvenile in one of the birdbaths - haven't seen many robins at all lately. I think there was some bathing lessons going on.

Also a nice flock of bushtits streamed by, reminding me of the Sooty Shearwaters at the beach. It's nice to be home with our hummers, towhees and other visitors (still seeing the BHGB). The getaway was great but glad to be home in our own little habitat.

Caryn / Wedgwood
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