[Tweeters] Re: owls on the offensive

Jennifer DeSelle jendeselle at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 19 16:45:49 PDT 2014

A few weeks ago I was dive-bombed by a juvenile barred owl in Olympia (Mission Creek Park). I had spotted it on a branch close to the ground right next to the trail. I backed up a good 30 feet and stood to watch it. It flew up to a higher branch and continued to stare at me, while screeching its god-awful begging call. Then, looking straight at me, it came at me with its talons out. I ducked, and it missed. I have observed barred owls at close range before and have never had this happen! After finishing my walk I came home and googled it, to discover this is not uncommon among immature barred owls, especially in the fall. And it seems they are more likely to attack people wearing headphones or with ponytails!


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