[Tweeters] Report from Reifel Refuge and Iona, BC

Rachel Lawson rwlawson at q.com
Mon Sep 15 20:40:32 PDT 2014

Some friends of mine from Minnesota, led by Kim Eckert, are on a birding
tour of Washington and British Columbia. Here is a brief report from Lynn
Glesne for today, 9/15:

This AM we looked for the Ash-throated Flycatcher but didn't see it, but did
find the beautiful juvenile Ruff at Iona!
Then we went to Reifel Refuge & saw the Sharp-tailed Sandpiper, Pacific
Golden-Plover & Hudsonian Godwit.
They were all this afternoon!
Great birding!

This group also was lucky enough to see the Little Blue Heron in flight
yesterday morning, 9/14, at Wiley Slough, Skagit WLR. I am most envious.

Rachel Lawson
<RWLawson at q.com>

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