[Tweeters] For Yakima birders- interesting warbler seen late Saturday afternoon near brush piles between Arboretum and river

william boyington wrboyington at msn.com
Mon Sep 15 11:21:28 PDT 2014

Hello Tweeters,

I don't subscribe to the Yak bird list, so am posting here. I was in the Yakima area over the weekend and went to the arboretum around 3:30 pm. on Saturday. It was really birdy near the brushpiles between the arboretum and the river from 3:45 until I left around 5:00 pm. What a nice spot - Yellow-rumps seem to like to hang out there, as do other likely common birds , and others which were probably passing through. I especially admired a male Spotted Towhee with far more white spots than I'm used to seeing on the west side. Also I had great long looks at a Townsend's Solitaire. There was also an empid flycatcher; I'm not expert enough to determine which empid, (silent, of course), I was seeing, though it looked grayish to me and did not do the tail lowering one sees with the Gray Flycatcher. Short wing projections, I thought, and prominent eye ring.

A most interesting bird, passing through in the trees, headed south, was a warbler, dull yellow in color on head and underside, dark eye with no eye ring, though some hint of an eye line, as it did not have that "blank" look, as that of a Yellow Warbler. The wing was dark, and that is not dark olive, but a black, though not as much as an Am. Goldfinch. There were two very prominent white wing bars. I'm stuck between first year female Blackpoll or Bay-breasted. I thought the yellowish color on the underside extended to under the tail, which does not conform to Blackpoll. My two good looks were unfortunately too brief to get more detail, but I did not see any faint streaking to the flanks. If anyone saw something like this over the weekend, I'd like to know their opinion or impressions. Unfortunately, I was not under any impression that it was hanging around.

Good birding,

Bill Boyington
Shoreline, WA

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