[Tweeters] White-headed and Black-backed Woodpecker search

scompton1251 at charter.net scompton1251 at charter.net
Mon Sep 15 11:16:56 PDT 2014


Thx to all who have provided tips on finding these two elusive
woodpeckers, the last two breeding woodpeckers for my ABA lifelist.
Since I have a large group (5-7) of family members, most of whom are
very fit hikers but not birders, I have made a trip plan that I hope
will work and be enjoyable for all.

We plan to leave Seattle early (0700), drive through Renton to
Eumenclaw, state road 410 past the Sunrise Visitor's Center road at
Ranier NP, then down to Nile and Rattlesnake Creek area on our way to
the Angel Lake burn area. I hope we can find both the White-headed and
Black-backed there in about 2 hours of work, then return to Sunrise to
join the rest of our party. Our target area is reached by FR 1500, then
1503, then up a short spur 665. Thanks to Scott Ramos, Teresa Lorenz,
and Larry Schwitters for details.

Thanks to the rest who offered other possible sites. maybe I'll visit
the rest another time.

I lived in coastal South Carolina for 30 years and could offer help if
anyone needs to see our endangered Red-cockaded Woodpecker, endemic to
the SE pine forests.

I'll post a report on our results.

If any of you are planning to be out there on Monday, September 22 let
me know, love to have the help.

Steve Compton
Greenville, SC

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