[Tweeters] I quit

Pete Fahey peterfahey at comcast.net
Sat Sep 13 22:38:28 PDT 2014

Hi Folks:

Today, Officially I am resigning from both Tweeters and e-bird! In the
past, I have reported birds, and on at least two occasions, they have been
rejected by a group of individuals who have neither the courage or
Intellectual honesty to pursue the truth. I reported a Cassin's Auklet in
the spring seen from the Fauntleroy Ferry Terminal, but it was never
accepted by the "powers that be" in e-bird. I again reported it when those
same "POWERS" asked for a Spring report for "American Birds." It did not
appear there either. I am not an expert as these folks purport to be, but I
am not given to given to false reporting. I make mistakes; anyone who birds
makes mistakes. But when I do report a bird, there is a very reasonable
certainty that I am correct. I have been birding for forty years and have
never lied to anyone, and am bewildered that no one ever even bother to call
or e-mail to question me about my sighting. If e-bird is going to be worth
anything to anybody, the reviewers at least ought to have the decency to
question reporters to verify the legitimacy of the bird.

Pete Fahey

Snoqualmie, WA

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