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Today 40 of us enjoyed an interesting morning at Nisqually. It was overcast and cool and we had a 0.9 low tide at 1:08 PM.

It started out well with a GREEN HERON at the visitor center then went quiet until we got out on the new dike.

It really got interesting there as we saw a swirling flock of 100 + VAUX SWIFTS overhead and a large mixed flock of SWALLOWS out over the grassy area outside the dike. There were over 2500 swallows, mostly BARN SWALLOWS with a few TREE and VIOLET GREEN SWALLOW mixed in. While watching this flock we saw a MERLIN come roaring through the flock and scatter it. It did not appear the MERLIN caught anything and the flock reassembled.

A bit later the MERLIN flew in and roosted on a bush near the estuary overlook affording great views. We also had good views of a male AMERICAN KESTRAL and a PEREGRINE FALCON in the same vicinity! My first 3 falcon day at Nisqually!

After the GREEN HERON at the visitor center we saw several GREAT BLUE HERONS, and spotted our first AMERICAN BITTERN next to the cattails near the start of the estuary boardwalk. We had at least one more just past the start of the estuary boardwalk and saw the GREAT EGRET on next to McAllister Creek! Wow! A double grand slam of falcons and large wading birds!

Good thing because passerines were very quiet. For the day I had 41 species and now have 131 for the year.

Mammals seen were 2 COYOTES on the old McAllister Creek trail and several COTTON TAILED RABBITS.

Until next week .....

Phil Kelley
scrubjay323 at aol.com
Lacey, WA

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