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i keep wanting to write a scientific explanation why smart meters (that
transmit a maximum RF on the order of microwatts) are not a danger. i kept
getting feedback from my mind saying folks weren't interested in a detailed
class on the math or the physics. SO, i will suggest only that a basic
understanding of the inverse-square law would probably go a long way
towards calming your worries.

i can think of other more rational reasons why the renton birder wasn't
seeing as many birds, to include unseen raptors (brought up in the article)
or chemical poisons in the neighbourhood... has anyone checked with either
the city of renton or the gentleman in the article, which was written 18
months ago? perhaps someone has a preliminary answer?

00 caren
george davis creek, north fork

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 11:53 AM, Helen Gilbert <helen.gilbert at juno.com>

> Hi --


> Has anyone heard of bad impacts on birds from "smart meters", which

> use radio waves to communicate usage? City Light is looking into using

> them. A Renton birder was reported to have seen a dramatic decrease in

> birds at his feeder after the city brought in smart water meters.


> http://www.rentonreporter.com/news/192319761.html


> Second question: any idea if the crows have started roosting in large

> numbers yet? And is there a new roost somewhere? I used to see all crows

> north of the Ship Canel heading north to the UW Bothell roost. But now I

> see many going south.


> Helen Gilbert


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