[Tweeters] Early Varied Thrush, Anacortes

Kristi Hein khc at picturesandwords.com
Wed Sep 10 10:24:57 PDT 2014

Hi Tweeters,

This morning a female Varied Thrush turned up in our yard. I checked my
records, and last year the first fall VATH we saw was on November 9. In
2012, it was on October 27. This is WAY early. Heck, it's not even fall

Has anyone else had a VATH recently?

My husband had been out watering in that area, and she was scarfing up
tiny baby slugs from the bamboo leaf litter on the grass. Go, thrush,
go! Backyard wildlife habitat at its finest.

Good birding,

Kristi Hein

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