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Kenneth Brown kennethwbrown at hotmail.com
Tue Sep 9 11:29:54 PDT 2014

Hi all,

10 of us from the abc club from Tacoma spent three days east of the mountains,
from the Columbia, mostly closed, to Lyons Ferry. We finished with 126 species and
17 shorebirds. I was surprised, more birds were present at just about all locations as
compared with two previous trips. Best shorebirding was at Perch Point, Para Ponds,
and Potholes, with large numbers of Westerns at Scootney Reservoir. Bassett Park, Palouse
Falls and Lyons Ferry all had loads of migrants. Unfortunately, most were Wilson's Warblers,
Warbling Vireos, Ruby-crowned Kinglets, although empids were also in good number.
We managed all six empids, with 1 Least and 2 Gray. We also had 2 Hermit Thrushes,
2 Chats and a Catbird at Bassett Park. Lily Plumb who lives there met us at the park.
Juvenile sparrows at Palouse Falls were challenging. Several Chipping and what we thought
was a Lincoln. Surprising to see the Lincoln in juvenal migrating.
Near Getty's Landing we had a Sabine's Gull that appeared to be still a juvenile.
At Para Ponds we had an American Golden Plover that looked to be juvenile and injured.
Moses Lake had several hundred Westerns, unfortunately somewhat distant, but we could
pick out a Sanderling along with 2 other flybys.
Of interest at Blythe's Boat Launch were 71 Long-billed Dowitchers in various stages of molt.
Most actually looked to be adults with a few juveniles. We were able to puzzle out 1 juvenile
Short-billed by the bright tiger striped tertials.
Really great weekend with lots of birds to look at, and meeting and chatting with Lily, thanks

Ken Brown
Port Orchard, Wa
kennethwbrown at hotmail.com

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