[Tweeters] Renewed Request for Ocean Shores Ruff Data

Blair Bernson blair at washingtonadvisorygroup.com
Mon Sep 8 18:46:41 PDT 2014

I am reposting this hoping for further response
from ANYONE who saw the Ruff at Ocean Shores over
the past 2 weeks. I have several data points but
know I am missing some known observations as well
as probably data from observers I am not aware of.

"I was very pleased to see the Ocean Shores Game
Range Ruff on the morning of September 3 with
several others. I had missed it earlier in the
week (August 31) in the evening. The ruff flew
off after a Peregrine appeared on the day I saw it
and I wondered if it would return. Since it was
seen again that day in the evening, it obviously
did. With hits and misses on both of those days by
different observers (and some reports of hits or
misses by others on other days) and with it being
seen in different places at the Game Range I
started wondering if there was any pattern. I
especially wonder about location within the Game
Range depending on tides, time of day etc. So this
is my "Ruff Research Project": the link below is
to a map satellite photo of the Game Range with a
grid that I have superimposed. I am hoping that
those who have observed the Ruff will let me know
offline in which grid sector they had the bird and
at what time. It would also be interesting to know
times/places where people looked and did NOT find
the bird. Not real exact but maybe it will prove
Our sighting was approximately in grid sector F1
at 9:30 a.m. until 10:30 a.m. (then the PFAL). I
will put together a summary and report back.
Thanks to all who contribute. I will try to
contact known observers directly."

Thanks all...

(Also if anyone has an email contact address fro
Ron Friesz, Bill Shelmerdine or Mark Robinson and
can either forward this to them or send me their
address so I can contact them it would be much

Blair Bernson

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