[Tweeters] Woodpecker Central 2.0

Loren Mooney loren.mooney at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 20:21:00 PDT 2014

I went back over to the burn area near Rattlesnake Creek on NF-1503 (near
Naches) again this weekend. The woodpeckers are still there in force.
This time I got some shots of a white-headed woodpecker, plus a couple
black-backs and some Williamsons. I also stopped by Oak Creek on Hwy 12
and got some shots of Lewis's Woodpeckers. I saw dozens there. I camped
at McDaniel Lake hoping to see a Northern Pygmy Owl. Again I heard one,
but I struck out on finding any. I did get some fun shots of one of the
immature ospreys and I took some shots of the dragonflies buzzing around
the lake. Birds in flight are hard to photograph. Dragonflies in flight
are harder. :)

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