[Tweeters] Studies are NEAT But what of all the Dead Birds Seabird Wreck off Pt. Roberts Richard Swanston Delta BC

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Studies are NEAT But what of all the Dead Birds Seabird Wreck off Pt. Roberts Richard Swanston Delta BC

All that money spent on studies is very interesting Goshh But it cannot explain the Dead Seabirds showing up on the Beaches ? I've Tried to check the numbers on this sight http://www.psc.org/news_frpnews.htm Looking at the Regulatory updates .
There has been an anomaly this Year in that the bulk of the FRASER RIVER Bound Sockeye have gone through the Inner Waters of Vancouver Island . So these Canadian Born Fish have Migrated within Canadian Waters . As such Canadian Fisherman whom get the Bulk of their catches in Johnston Straights 100 + Miles up the Georgia Straight have done well ! But I doubt if their net kills will travel here !
What I see in the early part of the Salmon season In Area 7 / 7A Washington and areas 29 at Noisome In Canadian Waters of Boundary Bay and the Fraser River . Canadian Fisherman whom primarily Fish In The River, where you are Hard Pressed to see a Muure or Rhino Auklet ! In Early August had TWO ! TWO hour openings One On Aug 6th from 03:00 P.M. to 05:00 PM . There is a Note about a Small Troll Fishery that takes place for some time with a Very Small limited fleet. Eventually the Canadian Fleet will have 7 Openings to Gill Net in Area 29 Hay they even got a few 12 Hour Openings !
Where as the All Nations Fishery off Point Roberts are 7 / 7A Had over 11 + Openings Most spanning over 12 Hours of fishing time for Each OPENING
I've not included the Tribal Fishery OR the Canadian First Nations Fishery which would also concentrate on the River rather then in the Gulf of Georgia . The Tribal fishery takes place Right on the Seabird Migratory route Just like the All Nations fishery
I live and frequent the area around Point Roberts and can say with out a doubt . Since August there has Been Constant Net Fishing activity off Point Roberts daily fisheries. In My infrequent trips to Point Roberts and more frequently the Tsawwassen Ferry Causeway . I can make the Uneducated Guess that this has been a Poor Year to see Murre and other Sea birds I have NOT viewed more then a few LIVE Murre . We have had numbers of over 150 Rhino Auklets off Light House Park Point Roberts . So the Fact that we have only counted with VERY LIMITED RESOURCES, and attempts 74 Murre and 4 Loons 1 western Grebe and myself 3 Rhino's is by LUCK ! And of a lack of searches and a Weak Migration window through are area .
Years ago I myself counted over 900 Dead Murre in the intertidal area of Point Roberts,Ferry Causeway and Boundary Bay
So we seemed to have dodged the bullet by Neglect and or circumstances ! Studies are Great, putting band aids FINE but the facts are dead on the Beach !
We are still sustaining a Large Die Off Of Seabirds . For every one of them we find MORE float off and are not counted OR end up in a Marina Garbage Bin We have a saying shoot it shovel it shut up ! Commercial fishermen that are in the know will handle this differently then throwing the dead animal over the side .
If we see more intensive fishing pressures in the future . What hope have we for some of the Murre and seabird colonies on are coast . I might add I have Yet to FIND A BANDED BIRD . So we do not even know which colonies are being impacted !
Yours Richard Swanston Delta BC rickswan at telus,net

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