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Dianna Moore dlmoor2 at coastaccess.com
Thu Sep 4 10:07:11 PDT 2014

In view of the many who may still want to plan a trip to the coast, a few
things to keep in mind:
* It may be pure blind luck to see birds out here! As many can attest to,
the large numbers of peeps are here...they just may not be where you are at
any given time. There are several sandbars and islands around the two
harbors (Grays Harbor and Willapa Bay), and there is a lot of beach
territory around the perimeters of those two harbors. Same with the rarer
birds we want to see. I have often thought a large number of birders should
station themselves around the various spots at the same time...and hope for
good cell contact.
* Beginning next week we will have some 10 ft plus high tides in the
afternoon (saltwatertides.com/Washington, Grays Harbor-Willapa, then Point
Brown (for the game range). Two hours or so before high tide the birds
start heading to the outer beaches, and it still amazes me to watch these
large ribbons of shorebirds fly west over the Ocean Shores peninsula out to
the beaches. If you are out there, you can even hear that rush of wings as
they skim overhead, or even around you.
* Finally, the weekend of Sept. 20-21 is youth waterfowl hunting at
Oyhut...be aware.

I hope you find time to visit...and I hope to see you out here...it's a
great experience.

Dianna Moore
Ocean Shores
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