[Tweeters] Pregnant Mascarene petrel shows off ginormous egg bump as she soars over open seas: picture

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Thu Sep 4 06:00:02 PDT 2014

hello everyone,

here's a story that may interest tubenose aficionados: a "pregnant"
Mascarene petrel was photographed with an obvious egg bump as she soars
over open seas, and i've got the photos to prove it.

the story is a bit of an experiment. since i was fairly certain only a few
people in the world would care about a critically endangered all-brown
seabird, "pregnant" or not (shocking, i know!), the story was modelled
after paparazzi stories of pregnant celebrities as published in the Sun.
presumably, it is a serious piece about the bird, containing accurate
information, but also includes some tongue-in-cheek elements that may
appeal to ... well, someone.

not sure if the story succeeds, but it has some truly spectacular
photographs of these birds and includes a link to the actual BOC PDF, which
is kindly hosted by the good people at the British Ornithologists' Union,
so anyone and everyone around the world can download it for free.


compact URL:


as always, share widely.


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