[Tweeters] before there were none: what were those flocks of passenger pigeons like?

Devorah the Ornithologist birdologist at gmail.com
Wed Sep 3 06:26:32 PDT 2014

hello everyone,

one question that everyone asks, and in fact, nearly everyone asks this
question first, is "What was it like to witness a flock of passenger
pigeons flying overhead? What did this spectacle look and sound like?"

Well, you can start by imagining a murmuration of starlings, and multiply
that flock by ten thousand, times, and then you might be getting close to
what passenger pigeons were like ...

here's some interesting first-hand accounts of what the flocks were like,
accompanied by a video that helps provide some idea of passenger pigeon


or a compact URL:


as always, please feel free to share widely.

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